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When I first started investing in apartments, I created my own spreadsheet to calculate my maximum purchase price. But it still took me four hours to analyze every deal.

And I did a lot of deals… 

To speed things up, I even bought some expensive analysis software – but I couldn’t customize any of that to suit my needs. 

It was holding back my ability to analyze lots of deals quickly, and you need to evaluate 100 deals to find one worth doing! 

That’s 400 hours to find one deal I want to pursue.

Almost two full weeks of analyzing deals.

I have a feeling you’ve run into the same problem. That you’re rushing your analysis to save a little time …

That’s why I created the Syndicated Deal Analyzer – the most popular apartment building analysis tool on the planet – and it’s reduced my deal analysis from four hours to just a few minutes so that you can start the negotiation process and do more deals more quickly.  


Syndicated Deal Analyzer Instant Download

  • Excel/Google Sheets file for seamless integration

  • Transparent and customizable formulas

  • Incorporates returns for investors and for yourself

  • Create a deal package for investors in a matter of investors

37 GAME-CHANGING Training Videos

  • 370 minutes of in-depth instruction Master the Syndicated Deal Analyzer

  • Structure irresistible deals to maximize investments

  • Save time and analyze deals like a pro in minutes

Premium Support

  • We’ll answer any questions you have about the SDA and how it works

  • Overcome any hurdles on your path to success and receive continuous assistance to keep you moving forward

  • Never be left in the dark.

Bonus: high-impact Deal Package Word Template

  • Craft professional presentations for investors and lenders

  • Easy-to-use fill-in-the-blank format.

Bonus: Two eye-opening Video Case Studies

  • My own personal studies to give you insight on how to be an expert deal analyzer

  • Real world examples so you know that this tool works for any deal and market

Bonus: must-have 39-Page eBook "The Syndicated Deal Analyzer"

  • Additional SDA tips and tricks

  • How to start the negotiation process and get closer to your next deal

  • Learn how to analyze a deal in 10 minutes or less


Jay Boyle

New Jersey

David Sweeney,—

Seattle WA

Drew Kniffin

Seattle WA

The Syndicated Deal Analyzer is an excellent tool allowing both novice and experienced investors to analyze deals quickly and efficiently. Being able to provide a clear and concise side-by-side analysis of actual and pro forma data is invaluable when presenting information to potential investors. The Syndicated Deal Analyzer has truly made analyzing investments easy.

— Brendan K—

Pittsburgh, PA

I’ve really enjoyed using the Syndicated Deal Analyzer. It makes deal analysis easy and quick compared to other programs that I’ve tried. I like how it puts analyzing the syndicate and property all in one program. I would recommend the Syndicated Deal Analyzer to anyone serious about syndication.

— Allen F—

Westerville, OH

Michael’s Deal Analyzer is great because it prepares you to focus on all of the various aspects of putting your deal together to provide you with the desired outcomes to achieve/exceed set goals for each party involved in your transactions.

— Rob C—

Los Angeles, CA

I used the Syndicated Deal Analyzer to analyze my first deal and I’m impressed with the results. I’m not in due diligence yet, so I ignored some of the more advanced features and focused on calculating my max buy price, which I was able to do in less than half an hour. I also like the fact that I can completely customize the calculator. I am planning to have investors in the deal, so having that included in the projections is key for me. I’ve been used to residential investments. So, I was not sure where to start with commercial calculations. Building my own would take me hours and probably months of work. I would highly recommend it to anyone serious about investing in apartment buildings, with or without investors!

— Jonathan Mickles —

REALTOR, CIAS, CDPE, @gr8fulbishopon Headline

The deal analyzer has been a no brainer investment. Having me and my investors returns calculated quickly and easily visible in the summary section allows for a quick analysis of different scenarios to see if a deal will work or not. This makes my life quicker and easier. It’s for investors created by an investor and allows me to edit the formulas to my needs when necessary. On my last deal package I spent hours putting together the financials and getting them into my PowerPoint presentation. My next shouldn’t take me more than an hour with this tool. Well worth it…and at $100 its a no brainer. My only issue is not having a user friendly iPhone app to go with it!

— Scott Isley—

San Diego CA


Here's what you get when you grab the Syndicated Deal Analyzer now:

  • Syndicated Deal Analyzer Instant Download

  • 37 Game-changing Training videos

  • premium support

  • BONUS: high-impact deal package word template

  • BONUS: two eye-opening video case studies

  • BONUS: must-have 39-page eBook "The syndicated Deal Analyzer"

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